Media Coverage

Joseph Jones. Adding to the trash [letter]. Vancouver Courier 105:53 (2 July 2014) A11

Elizabeth Murphy. Vision and NPA more of the same. Common Ground 276 (July 2014) 3, 25

Derrick Penner. Drive for density transforms Vancouver housing. Vancouver Sun (17 Apr 2014)

Lawrence Deschner. Norquay Plan missing in Renfrew-Collingwood issue [letter]. Vancouver Courier 104:77 (25 Sept 2013) A11

Joseph Jones. Jang’s call for calm challenged [letter]. Vancouver Courier 104:73 (11 Sept 2013) A11

Joseph Jones. KCC feature missed rezoning aftermath [letter]. Vancouver Courier 104:68 (23 Aug 2013) A11

Liza Yuzda. Norquay residents had plenty to say but were they heard? CKNW (9 Apr 2013)

Frank Luba. Norquay’s residents worried over growth. Province (8 Apr 2013) A12

Joseph Jones. City plan abandoned for ‘ad-hockery’ [letter]. Vancouver Courier 104:11 (6 Feb 2013) A11

Brent Jang. Norquay rezoning a glimpse of the future. Globe and Mail (6 Feb 2013) S3

Joseph Jones. Irony at play in Klassen column [letter]. Vancouver Courier (21 Nov 2012)

Joseph Jones. Developers profit while residents ‘see almost nothing’ [letter]. Vancouver Courier 103:68 (24 Aug 2012) A09

Carlito Pablo. Norquay Village residents balk at new development. Georgia Straight 46:2330 (16-23 Aug 2012) 55

Brian Morton. Kingsway moves toward people-friendly future: New 12-storey tower in Norquay neighbourhood part of density plan. Vancouver Sun (3 July 2012) C1

Joseph Jones. Letter of the week. Vancouver Courier 102:59 (27 July 2011)

Carlito Pablo. Rezoning application on Kingsway reignites Norquay plan. Georgia Straight 45:2272 (7-14 July 2011) 54

Jane Ingman-Baker. Norquay Neighbourhood Plan: a warning. Dunbar [Newsletter of Dunbar Residents Association] (spring 2011) 6-7

Joseph Jones. Letter of the week. Vancouver Courier 102:12 (11 Feb 2011) EW09

Joseph Jones. Gentrification bombards the heart of East Vancouver: city planners terminate Norquay Working Group. Vancouver Media Co-op (6 Feb 2011)

Bert Struik. City hall discards citizen input on planning. Vancouver Courier 102:10 (4 Feb 2011) EW09

Charlie Smith. City of Vancouver tries to counter growing resistance to development. Georgia Straight (26 Jan 2011)

Cheryl Rossi. Website tracks partisan planning votes at Vancouver city hall. Vancouver Courier (21 Jan 2011) 11

Hubert Culham. Norquay’s fate an unhappy precedent for the city. Vancouver Sun (19 Nov 2010) A15

Cheryl Rossi. Norquay Village plan may increase Kingsway heights: resident advocate notes eight to 10 storey ‘bombshell.’ Vancouver Courier (3 Nov 2010) 12

Charlie Smith. City of Vancouver considers Kingsway-area Norquay Village. Georgia Straight (3 Nov 2010)

Carrie Swiggum. East Vancouver redevelopment edges closer. Thunderbird (26 Oct 2010)

Joseph Jones. A “neighbourhood centre” wants to eat the heart out of East Vancouver. Vancouver Media Co-op (3 June 2010)

Ned Jacobs. Advocacy planning best serves Norquay and the rest of Vancouver. Georgia Straight (6 May 2010)

Jeremy Shepherd. Neighbours slam Norquay development public consultation process. Vancouver Courier (26 Mar 2010) 14

Jessica Linzey. Vancouver struggles to plan for growing diversity and Norquay Village timeline. Thunderbird (2 Dec 2009)

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