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4412 Nanaimo

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Comment on Development Application DP-2016-00558
under RM-7 Zoning



12 December 2016

We have several concerns about this application.


We are particularly concerned about the design of the north side of the building, fronting on East 28th Avenue. The steep front-to-back slope of the site does make it a challenge to locate building fronts and entrances on both streets, as the RM-7 Guidelines specify for corner sites [Section 2.3(b)].

But as much as possible should be done to make this side of the building to look more attractive and to break up its large mass. The articulation shown in the drawings is a start. Improvement should begin with making window sizes more uniform. The black infill panels between windows should be eliminated. An alternate exterior finishing material such as metal panels could be used on the projections. Entrances to the basement units need to be more visible and to look more like main entrances.


There should be 6 parking stalls for the 9 units in this building. The site plan shows only 5, one of which is substandard in size.


It is good to see that there are no small areas of grass in the landscape plan. A sprinkler system needs to be required to ensure that the landscaping is adequately watered.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

12 December 2016 at 11:00 am

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