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2555 East 40th Ave

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Comment on Development Application DP-2018-00034
under RT-11 Zoning




1 March 2018

Form of Development

We commend this carefully designed development application. Features of the proposed project that we especially appreciate are:

1.  The design of the buildings (“traditional in massing but contemporary in execution”) fits well with the specific neighbourhood context. Fit is particularly important in this first RT-11 small house/duplex project on a very long block of single family houses.

2.  Placement of the windows and doors, as well as the location of the porches and patios, minimizes overlook into neighbouring units.

3.  The front door of each unit faces the street and is visible from the street.

4.  Bedrooms have a reasonable size, especially in the 2-bedroom units.

5.  Considerable private open space is provided for each unit. The only shared open spaces are walkways. This allocation of open space should encourage residents of each unit to feel responsible for maintaining their own landscaping.

6.  All four of the site’s existing trees are being retained.

7.  The landscape plan is simple and effective. New Norquay residents in low-density multi-family housing developments often appear to have no previous gardening experience (and sometimes little interest). Basic low-maintenance plantings like these are essential. Residents of this project who may be interested in more elaborate gardens will easily be able to reconfigure their private open spaces.

We expect this project to be a great improvement over the 1980s “monster house” that it will replace.

N.B. Please note that there is no existing city sidewalk on the north side of East 40th Avenue between Clarendon Street and Wales Street. The construction of the relevant portion of this sidewalk should be included as an urban design condition of development when this application is approved.

Please send us a copy of the prior-to letter when issued.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones

Written by eyeonnorquay

1 March 2018 at 4:51 pm

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2469 East 40th Ave

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Comment on Development Application DP-2017-01210
under RT-11 Zoning




1 March 2018


The massing of the buildings fits in well with the neighbouring single family houses on the street. However, the outside appearance needs to be simpler and less confusing. Too many different colours and materials are used. The appearance of the windows need to be well-defined. Solid infill panels should not be included within the same frame as the windows. The roofs over the front doors facing the street are unsupported and look tacked on.


Considerable effort has gone into the landscape design. The arbor over the entrance to the walkway is attractive. Most open space is private, so that it would be clear who is responsible for maintenance. An irrigation system is being installed. Storage for garden tools is provided.

However, some areas of lawn are small and irregularly shaped, making them difficult to mow. Lawn borders should be made more regular and very small areas of grass should be replaced by groundcovers. Plantings block access to some of the space between the buildings and the fences.

Given the level of landscape maintenance that is apparent so far in most occupied RT-11 projects, it seems a good idea to keep landscaping plans basic. Where most of the open space is private, residents can always reconfigure their gardens to make them more elaborate. Most who choose to engage in active gardening are likely to do this in any case.

The landscape plan fails to indicate how the boulevard will be landscaped.

Please send a copy of the prior-to letter when issued.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones

Written by eyeonnorquay

1 March 2018 at 4:46 pm

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