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1503 Kingsway

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Two years and four months ago, Eye on Norquay reported that the large site at 1503 Kingsway, occupied by Rona, showed early signs of being targeted for redevelopment:


A notification of 13 June 2019 and a new on-site development application sign now reveal the results of the usual extended backroom consultation that has taken place only between the developer (Cressey) and City of Vancouver planners.




The single most significant detail in the application is that the proposed development comes forward under existing C-2 zoning, with an overall FSR of 2.5, rather than as an anticipated (and feared) CD-1 rezoning application. This approach shows a far-too-rare respect for the prior planning for Vancouver’s first “neighbourhood centre” at Kingsway-Knight.

Back in April 2013, Eye on Norquay put a question to a City of Vancouver planner who had played a central role in the planning of both the Kingsway-Knight and Norquay neighbourhood centres. Why did the Shopping Area Working Group for Kingsway-Knight never produce any specifics? The verbal reply:
C-2 zoning seemed adequate to guide future development for Kingsway.

Cynicism about the reliability of this answer was sustained by the Aquilini CD-1 approach to the April 2019 rezoning of 1303 Kingsway at Clark Drive. In the end, the Kingsway-Knight “planning” seemed to consist of nothing beyond a mass rezoning of 1512 single-family properties, concurrent with the unfortunate Aquilini spot-rezoning that became King Edward Village.

For a change, City of Vancouver seems to have negotiated with a large developer and to have achieved a few clear and significant benefits for the impacted local area. This includes human-scale townhouse streetscape for the northern portions of Dumfries and Fleming.



The foregoing text is extracted from the five-page design rationale at https://development.vancouver.ca/1503kingsway/documents/designrationale.pdf.

For persons interested in the details of the upcoming open house for 1503 Kingsway, here is the notification postcard:



Here is a rendering of the building foreseen for the Kingsway frontage of the site:




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17 June 2019 at 9:45 am