Specific Rezonings

Listings of rezonings are limited to larger sites in and near Norquay, and to the 2013 second stage [first stage being Council approval of the Norquay Plan in November 2010] of the mass rezoning of the entire Norquay area. The first major single site rezoning, now under construction as 2300 Kingsway at the southeast corner of Nanaimo Street, blockbusted Norquay in January 2006, shortly ahead of the March 2006 kickoff of planning for Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre. Detailed response to that rezoning was posted on the predecessor Norquay Neighbours web site as a preliminary response of 30 June 2008 and a final response of 8 August 2008. Further comment is warranted, but has not been prepared.

Lengthy comparative comment has been made on the rezoning of three acres at the eastern boundary of Renfrew-Collingwood under the awkward designation 5515-5665 Boundary Road, 5448-5666 Ormidale Street, and 3690 Vanness Avenue.

Detailed response to future rezonings that raise significant concerns will appear on the main site of Eye on Norquay as right-column separate subfiles to this file. Those rezonings will also be linked to directly from the listing that follows, where they may be integrated with a chronological listing of other rezonings that do not seem problematic. The first of the non-problematic rezonings is 4892 Clarendon.

2699 Kingsway

2298 Galt Street

4892 Clarendon Street

4320 Slocan Street

2220 Kingsway

Norquay 2013

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