Eye on Norquay

Looking Out for East Vancouver


Vancouver Council Votes
Tracks Vancouver City Council voting on significant planning issues 2009-2011. The 4 November 2010 vote on Norquay is placed in broader context.   (January 2011)

Vancouver’s 22 Local Areas
Hectares, Populations, Dwellings – Percentage Change 1996-2006
Calculations from City of Vancouver census data demonstrates that Renfrew-Collingwood has for the past decade experienced the greatest rates of both population and dwelling unit increase among Vancouver’s single-family zoned local areas. Across all of Vancouver, the rate of increase was second only to Downtown.   (January 2009)

Comparison of Housing Types in Community Visions
Compares the categories of housing types classified as approved / uncertain / unsupported for eight local areas in Vancouver that have community visions.   (April 2008 / revised April 2009)   [Note: West Point Grey vision completed in 2010 and therefore not included.]

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