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No Honor Leads to Disrespect
The first stacked townhouse application has arrived in Norquay. What happens on-site at 4730 Duchess Street offers a preview of what is coming, especially to anyone living in the areas of Norquay that have been mass rezoned for RM-7.

First, a little backstory. This development offers a case study in how the City of Vancouver has no honor and cannot be trusted. (This supposedly long-term planning had a lifespan of far less than ten years.) The 2004 Renfrew-Collingwood Community Vision said this:

15.5  Sixplexes

Not Supported
Housing variety should be increased in Renfrew-Collingwood by allowing some sixplex developments, provided that the units are:

•  designed to fit into the single family area, with good landscaping
•  provided with adequate community facilities (parks, schools, etc.)
    and services for the additional population
•  accompanied by a plan to address any parking and traffic impacts

Comment:  This Direction is ‘not supported’ because disagree votes outnumbered agree votes in both the general and random surveys. This option will not be considered if additional housing planning occurs in the community.

[New Housing p. 35

It is easy to observe that this first sixplex does not even meet any of the three bulleted conditions proposed by the community vision for this type of development (originally to require two 33-foot lots). This is a type of development that the entire Norquay community undisputably rejected — if built on 25% more land. Insult has been heaped upon insult.

Here is all that can be seen of the development application so far, a sign posted on the property:


Here is what shows on the City of Vancouver development application website as of 30 January 2014 — nothing.


According to VanMap, the dimensions of the property are 53 x 94.86 (5028 sq ft). This is wider than the 33 foot norm, but less deep than the 120 foot norm (3960 sq ft). The development application signboard details

        •  a three-storey plus basement, multiple dwelling containing six dwelling units
        •  a total Floor Space Ration of 1.19 (approximately 5,990 sq ft)
        •  a total of four parking spaces at the rear having vehicular access from the lane

The applicant, Simplex Home Design, deserves compliment for timely posting of the signboard. The City of Vancouver deserves criticism for

        •  failing to timely post the development application information
        •  lack of standards in coordinating on-site and on-web-site posting of information

Finally, here’s the dwelling that the application proposes to send to the landfill:




Written by eyeonnorquay

30 January 2014 at 3:03 pm