Norquay Plan 2013

  Notice of upcoming open houses on mass rezoning proposals for new housing types posted as
     Deferred No More on 10 Jan 2013.
  Notice to all Vancouver neighborhoods posted as New Housing Types Unveiled on 14 Jan 2013.
  Detail of Norquay Plan features and concerns posted as Letter to the Local Community on 17 Jan 2013.
  Brief report on first open house, with photos of 18 panels, posted as First Impressions on 23 Jan 2013.
  Rowhouse posted as comment #1 on 28 Jan 2013.
  Stacked Townhouse posted as comment #2 on 29 Jan 2013.
  Transition Apartment posted as comment #3 on 30 Jan 2013.
  Public Benefits Strategy posted as comment #4 on 2 Feb 2013.
  Broad perspective on six years of Norquay struggle posted as Gentrification on 2 Apr 2013.
  Not in the Plan on 11 Apr 2013 shows how the Norquay Plan flips so easily to desire and memory.
  Kingsway & Knight 2004 mass rezoning written up as Norquay backstory on 22 Aug 2013.

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29 January 2013 at 11:28 pm