Letter: The Big Promise

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19 June 2017

2400 Motel Site

To: Michael Chin – Manager, Property Development, Real Estate Services
    Michelle Schouls – Associate Director, Facilities Planning

cc: Gil Kelley – General Manager, Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability
    Kent Munro – Associate Director, Vancouver Midtown
    Kenny Gilbertson – Development Manager, Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency

The 2400 Motel site at 2400 Kingsway is a 3.5 acre property owned by the City of
Vancouver. The  2010 Norquay Plan recognizes "the opportunity to create a true
centre or 'heart' of the community in the triangle formed by Kingsway, Slocan
Street, East 33rd Avenue, and Nanaimo Street." (p. 58) A portion of the "triangle"
was redeveloped as 2300 Kingsway before the Norquay Plan was complete.  Most of
the larger, still undeveloped portion of the "triangle" is composed of the
2400 Motel site.

Redevelopment of that site will help to fulfill the stated goals of both the
community and the City of Vancouver.

        New Community Space. The Norquay Plan specifies that redevelopment on
        this site is to include 15,000 sq. ft. of new indoor community space and
        20,000 sq. ft.of outdoor community space. At present, two elementary
        schools provide Norquay's only indoor community space. Norquay residents
        identified this community amenity as the most desired public benefit
        of the Plan. Provision of community space is necessary if the City of
        Vancouver is to realize the "livable, sustainable neighbourhoods"
        cited on the City's "Neighbourhood Planning" web page. As the Social
        Infrastructure Plan web page states,"Social infrastructure is an essential
        ingredient in building strong, resilient communities." Community space 
        must be provided if Norquay is to become a true community rather than a
        construct of the City of Vancouver.

        Affordable Housing. According to the Norquay Public Benefits
        Strategy, 100 of the projected 500 residential units on this site are
        to be non-market housing. Development of this site would be in line with
        the priorities identified on the Housing Vancouver web page to "create more
        of the right type of housing" and to "provide more City land to build
        rental housing."

A reliable unofficial source has told us that the City of Vancouver bought the 2400
Motel in the late 1980s for approximately $2 M. Given the site's windfall increase in
value, even with normal investment return to the Property Endowment Fund, there should
be great potential for these benefits to be realized. Additional funds are available
in the form of a cash CAC of $3M received for 2220 Kingsway (Kensington Gardens), which
was specifically allocated to "the future development of community amenities to be
located on the 2400 Kingsway site." (Council Report of February 26, 2013, p. 9)

We recognize that many of 2400 Motel units are currently being used to house recently
arrived Syrian refugees. This is a good interim use for the property, but it does not
advance implementation of the Norquay Plan. Even if work to redevelop the site began
immediately, several years would pass before construction could start. By that time
most refugees should have found permanent housing. Other refugees may be able to take
advantage of the non-market housing to be built on the site.

Development of identified large Kingsway sites in Norquay is already well underway.
(See listing of specific sites below.) In addition, more than 50 applications have
been approved under the Norquay Plan for lower density projects in the form of 4-storey
apartment buildings, rowhouses, stacked townhouses, and small house/duplex.  More than
60 duplexes are being built outright. The City-owned 2400 Motel site, the largest and
most important of all, so far shows no signs of delivering on the central promise made
to the Norquay community.

Planning staff have told us that in order for redevelopment to take place, it is
necessary for the Real Estate Department to release this property. We ask you to do
so as soon as possible so that the promised benefits of the Norquay Plan and the
stated goals of the City of Vancouver will be realized.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones

Recent Kingsway Development in Norquay (From 2200 to 2899 Kingsway)

2200 Kingsway               438 residential units           Expected completion 2018
2239 Kingsway               94 residential units            Completed 2011

2300 Kingsway               346 residential units           Completed 2013

2395-2469 Kingsway          126 residential units           Approved 2016

2689 Kingsway               129 residential units           Completed 2013

2751 Kingsway               ?                               Application in process

2768-2784 Kingsway          ?                               Assembled site sold 2017


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21 June 2017 at 9:50 am

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2751 Kingsway / Harvey’s

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Pre-Application Open House on 21 June 2017



A pre-application open house to present a development proposal for 2751 Kingsway (the Harvey’s site) will be held 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm on 21 June 2017 at Cunningham School (2330 East 37th Avenue). A building of 10 storeys on Kingsway and 4 storeys on Duke Street is proposed. This is consistent with the Norquay plan.

The pre-application open house is the first step in community consultation for a rezoning proposal. Although only residents living very near the site receive official notification, the even is open to all.

Suggestions for changes to development proposals have greatest effect at this first public stage of the process. Come to the open house and submit written comments.

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15 June 2017 at 9:48 am

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4787 Slocan Street

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Comment on Development Application DP-2017-00412
under RM-7 Zoning




31 May 2017


1.  Siting of Buildings and Parking Spaces.  This application is similar to the completed development at 4571 Slocan Street, designed by the same architect in a sixplex building form. The stairs to the two-level units on the upper storeys are a straight run from a small landing just inside the 2nd-level front door to a small landing on the 3rd level. The stairs then continue in a straight run from that landing on up to the 4th floor. This long, narrow, and dark stairway provides an uninviting entrance to the units. If possible, the stairs between the 3rd and 4th levels should be relocated. The front doors should have large windows so that natural light can reach the stairs. This development appears to have windows on the 4th level near the head of the stairs, which should make the interior stairways somewhat less dark than those at 4571 Slocan Street.

2.  Parking Spaces.  Individual parking spaces should be accessed directly from the lane, as has been done in all previous RM-7 applications. The current configuration paves valuable open space which could otherwise be used for plantings.


1.  Back Yard Open Space.  Reconfiguration of the parking spaces would free up open space for more plantings in the back yard. The currently proposed small area of lawn in the back corner behind Building 2 seems dysfunctional. It should be replaced by plantings unless it can be enlarged and relocated.

1.  Watering System.  A watering system for the plantings should be required if it is not already specified.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones

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31 May 2017 at 11:00 am

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2310 Brock Street

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Comment on Development Application DP-2016-00529
under RT-11 Zoning




1 May 2017

The general appearance of the buildings is acceptable. However, we have the following concerns:

1.  Siting of Buildings and Parking Spaces

(a) This site is double-fronted, with frontages both on the south side of Wenonah / Brock Street and on the north side of Galt Street. The south side of Galt Street consists of new single-family houses. Garages and parking spaces for houses that front on Wenonah Street occupy all of the north side. This results in the inconsistent and unattractive streetscape common to streets in Vancouver with double-fronted lots. The application for 2310 Brock Street offers the City of Vancouver an opportunity to demonstrate to residents that new development can enhance streetscape. Three of the dwellings in this project should front on Galt Street.

(b) Parking spaces should be situated off the lane east of the site — not off Galt Street. “Off-Street Parking and Loading,” Section 4.9 of the RT-11 and 11N Guidelines, states:

Parking spaces will normally be located in garages accessed directly off the lane. On larger sites, parking at the lane may be accommodated in a combination of enclosed garages, carports, and surface parking.  [emphasis added]

Mid-block parcels in the 2200 block of Wenonah Street have parking located off Galt Street because there is no other possibility for them. But 2310 Brock Street has 200 feet of laneway adjoining its east property line, more than enough to accommodate 10 parking spaces.

2.  Sidewalk

Where there is no city sidewalk in front of a site, provision of the sidewalk is to be an urban design condition of development. In this case, the sidewalk should be extended in front of 2268 Wenonah Street to join the existing sidewalk, which currently ends in front of 2266 Wenonah Street.

3.  Landscaping

(a) Most of the plants specified are short. Some taller shrubs should be used.

(b) Very small and/or irregularly shaped areas of grass are not useful and are difficult to maintain. They should be replaced by plantings, or perhaps in some cases, by pavers.

(c) A watering system is required for the plantings.

We ask the City of Vancouver to address these concerns before approving this project.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones

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1 May 2017 at 7:12 pm

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2441 East 40th Avenue

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Comment on Development Application DP-2017-003667
under RT-11 Zoning




1 May 2017

This standard FuHo design for an RT-11 development is generally acceptable. The size and shape of the site results in very large duplex units — the largest built in Norquay at this point. However, the secondary suites in these units are correspondingly large and could be considered family housing. Five parking spaces are included.

We have noticed that recent applications by this architect are using a neutral colour palette for the exterior of the buildings. We much prefer the bolder colour palette used for earlier applications. (Photos are provided below.) These bolder colours add interest during Vancouver’s grey winters and help to camouflage the dirt and moss created by our wet climate.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones


     4517 Nanaimo


     5607 Rhodes


     2355 East 41st

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1 May 2017 at 7:08 pm

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April 2017 Norquay Listings

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The following offers to sell properties in Norquay were found on Multiple Listing Service at some point during the month of April 2017. This data is collected as part of Eye on Norquay’s efforts to monitor the increased affordability levels that the Norquay Plan proposed to bring about through mass rezoning for new housing types.

Single Family House

These properties are now scattered among four new zonings: RT-11, RM-7, RM-9A, Kingsway Rezoning Area.

Address                      Ask Price     Lot (ft)     Sq Ft     Year 

2255 E 30th Ave             $2,600,000     45 x  93      2176     2005
2282 E 33rd  Ave	    $1,839,000	   33 x 115      1800     1920    

2404 E 33rd Ave             $1,638,000     32 x 115      2000     1957

2488 E 33rd Ave             $2,288,000     32 x 108      2160     1987

2498 E 33rd Ave             $2,288,000     29 x 108      1987     1987

2606 E 34th Ave             $2,598,000     52 x 104      3222     1986

2227 E 37th Ave             $1,549,800     33 x 130      2422     1914

2555 E 40th Ave             $6,800,000     66 x 140      4453     1982

4665 Baldwin St             $1,928,000     61 x 130      2705     1967

4863 Baldwin St             $1,899,999     33 x  93      1856     1980

4873 Baldwin St             $1,899,999     33 x  93      1420     1955

4885 Baldwin St             $1,899,999     33 x  93      1858     1997

2546 Brock St               $1,248,000     23 x 121      1821     1974

5123 Chambers St	    $1,399,000     34 x 104	 2230     1961

5128 Clarendon St           $1,688,000     33 x 104      2110     1998

2743 Duke St                $1,620,000     33 x 102      1900

2751 Duke St                $1,998,000     33 x 102      2751     2005

4718 Gladstone St           $2,089,000    4340 sqft      2217     1997

4736 Gladstone St           $2,980,000     33 x 119      2172     1996

4748 Gladstone St           $2,980,000     33 x 120      2172     1997

5216 Gladstone St           $2,099,900     40 x 120      1900

5455 Killarney St           $3,999,000     56 x 149      1923     1987

2315 Kingsway               $3,000,000     33 x 105      2000     1970

2361 Kingsway               $3,000,000     33 x 105      2100     2005

2363 Kingsway               $3,000,000     33 x 105      2100     2004
2233 Mannering Ave	    $2,128,000     33 x 110      2050     2014

4425 Nanaimo St	    	    $2,188,000	   49 x 122      3600     2006

5230 Rhodes St              $3,080,000     32 x 151      1500	  

4810 Slocan St +lw          $1,989,000     35 x 172      3758     1960

5130 Slocan St              $2,388,000     51 x 104      2200     1944


Address                      Ask Price     Sq Ft      Year

2306 E 28th Ave             $1,288,000      1516      2016

2466 E 37th Ave             $1,248,000      1647      2016

2463 Brock St               $1,288,000      1462      2014

5321 Chambers St            $1,059,000      1319      2016

4670 Clarendon St           $1,288,000      1495      2016

4672 Clarendon St.	    $1,248,000      1221      2016

2847 Kingsway               $1,999,800      1140      2004

2853 Kingsway               $2,100,000      1170      2004

2855 Kingsway               $1,999,800      1170      2004

Small House

(strata title in RT-11 zone)

Address                      Ask Price     Sq Ft      Year 

2470 E 37th Ave               $745,000       802      2016

5653 Killarney St           $1,280,000      1226      2017

Rowhouse / Stacked Townhouse

(strata title in RM-7 zone)

Address                      Ask Price     Sq Ft      Year

5180–2601 E 37th Ave          $488,000       649      2017

5186–2601 E 37th Ave          $858,000      1274      2017

5188–2601 E 37th Ave          $588,000       841      2017

301–4573 Slocan St            $869,900      1266      2017

302-4575 Slocan St	      $869,000      1265      2017

302-4577 Slocan St            $869,000      1265      2017


(strata title in CD-1 zonings)

Address                      Ask Price     Sq Ft      Year

209-4989 Duchess St	      $400,000       580      1994

2106-4815 Eldorado Mews       $449,900       549      2013

613-4818 Eldorado Mews        $429,000       530      2013     

PH-4818 Eldorado Mews         $558,000       634      2013

4882 Eldorado Mews (TH)       $799,000      1232      2014

205-2965 Horley St            $369,000       710      1994

211-2965 Horley St	      $448,000       866      1994

PH1-2239 Kingsway	      $498,000       688      2011

202-2689 Kingsway             $419,000       506      2014     

510-2689 Kingsway             $675,000       814      2014

606-2689 Kingsway             $699,000       874      2014

503B-2711 Kingsway            $479,000       610      2015

2220 Kingsway

The listings below are for Kensington Gardens, the Westbank project with 400+ units under construction, with completion projected for 2018.

102-2220 Kingsway             $899,000      1023     

310-2220 Kingsway             $683,000       532     

317-2220 Kingsway	      $425,000       512

322-2220 Kingsway	      $430,000       534

518-220 Kingsway              $430,860       529     

519-2220 Kingsway             $360,000       441     

527-2220 Kingsway             $435,000       582      

529-2220 Kingsway             $385,000       447     

602-2220 Kingsway             $699,000       890     

603-2220 Kingsway             $380,000       463

605-2220 Kingsway             $399,000       506     

606-2220 Kingsway             $399,000       506     

701-2220 Kingsway             $693,900       849     

1012-2220 Kingsway            $798,000       812     

1203-2220 Kingsway            $438,000       484      

1206-2220 Kingsway          $1,068,888      1060     

1507-2220 Kingsway	      $468,800       516

1606-2220 Kingsway          $1,068,888      1060     

1610-2220 Kingsway            $719,900       879     

1703-2220 Kingsway            $968,888      1020     

S1103-2220 Kingsway           $433,000       484     

S1202-2220 Kingsway           $698,000       738     

S1501-2220 Kingsway           $786,000       849     

W1510-2220 Kingsway           $739,900       777     


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4711 Slocan Street

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Comment on Development Application DP-2016-00205
under RM-7 Zoning






4 April 2016

The design of the duplex is acceptable. The lines of the building are clear and relatively simple.

However, the design of the coach house is a jumble. The building has too many fragmented surfaces and discontinuous lines. The varying sizes and crude distribution of the windows do not please the eye. Since this is a corner site, the coach house fronts on a street and is highly visible. It should be redesigned to look more like the duplex.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones

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5 April 2017 at 9:33 am

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