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Comment on Development Application DP-2019-00003
under RM-7 Zoning




20 February 2019

This application for a sixplex is a minor reworking of the application by Gradual Architecture for 2679 Horley Street (Development Application Number DE419937). We have several concerns:

1 —  Living Room Windows in the Long, Narrow Units

In the long, narrow units (one on each floor), the living room is located in the middle of the unit. The windows of the upper unit look out on the neighbouring house and the windows of the lower unit look out on either the neighbouring house or a fence (it is difficult to tell from the materials provided). Living room windows should look out on the street. This should definitely be possible on a corner site like this one. Our comment on the application for 2679 Horley Street included the same concern.

2 —  Roofline

There are too many separate roofs, and they are not well aligned. The development at 2679 Horley also had problems with the roofline, which were corrected in the final build-out.

3 —  Façade Facing Cheyenne Street

The façade facing Duchess Street Street is acceptable. The façade facing Cheyenne Street needs to be less busy and more symmetrical.

4 —  Lock-Off Units

The application includes 3 lock-off units. Only 1 lock-off unit for every 3 principal units is permitted by RM-7 zoning. This project is entitled to 2 lock-off units. Given that the submission date for the application is January 7, 2019, the lock-off units should not exceed the maximum size of 29.7 m2, mandated by the amendments to the Lock-Off Unit Guidelines approved by Council on October 30, 2018.

5 —  Bike Lockers

Bike lockers should not be made of flimsy metal. If they cannot be incorporated into the main building, a small wooden structure is preferable.

Please address these concerns before approving this application.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones

Written by eyeonnorquay

20 February 2019 at 11:11 am

Posted in RM-7 Comment

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