4410 Kaslo St TMH

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Comment on Development Application DP-2018-00024
4410 Kaslo Street – Temporary Modular Housing




13 February 2017

In general, we support the design of this project. We commend the larger units, the outdoor amenity space, and the commercial kitchen and common dining area. We also commend the small lounge area on the ground floor.

We recommend the following changes to the design:

1.  Reverse the positions of the entrance/vestibule/lobby area and the office/meeting room area on the ground floor near the front entrance. As drawn, the sight line from the front entrance is toward staff space rather than toward common space for the residents. As configured at present, residents would feel that they are being housed in an institution rather than in a home of their own. The placement of the front entrance (with the attached vestibule and lobby) should be shifted so that the sight line when entering the building is toward the common dining area and lounge.

2.  Separate the two dining areas by a half wall rather than a full wall to make the dining area seem like a single space and to allow more natural light. (This may already be the intention.) In addition we call attention to this discrepancy: the larger dining area is described as seating 36, but the drawing shows seating for only 32.

3.  Provide a small lounge area and laundry on each floor. A single ground-floor lounge that seats 8 people seems inadequate for a building with 52 residents. Although convenient to the dining area, that one common area is located far from the rooms of many residents. A small lounge on each floor would provide additional space and would foster social interaction. If a single unit on each of the second and third floors were converted to space for a small lounge and a laundry facility, the total unit count would return to the originally proposed 50 units.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

15 February 2018 at 10:31 am

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