Norquay Heritage House

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Public Hearing for Norquay Heritage House
Tuesday — 12 December 2017 — 6:00 pm

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A 97-year-old house at 5471 Wales Street will be considered at a Public Hearing next week. This house is one of the very few Norquay residences listed on the Vancouver Heritage Register. Only two families have lived in the house since it was built in 1920. The house is described as being in good condition.



A proposed bylaw would “designate” the exterior of the house. This means that the building’s exterior cannot be altered without City of Vancouver approval, and that the building is not to be demolished.

A developer has purchased this house together with the adjoining property at 5443 Wales Street. As usual practice, the City grants about 10% additional density, to provide an incentive to retain a heritage property and to compensate the owner for rehabilitation and conservation costs.

In this case, the developer proposes to move the house to one corner of the site, to restore the building as heritage, and to convert the interior structure to provide multiple dwelling units. Infill units will be built on the rest of the site.

In 2015 the original development application proposed 11 dwelling units (3 in the heritage house and 8 in four duplexes) with an FSR of 1.12 (which was 25% above the zoning limit of 0.90). The current application proposes 2 dwelling units in the heritage house, three new duplexes and one single family dwelling, for a total of 9 dwelling units, with an FSR of 0.99 (which is 10% above the zoning limit of 0.90). Eight parking spaces would be provided. Details for the agenda item

        1. HERITAGE DESIGNATION: 5471 Wales Street (Cantone Residence)

can be viewed at

Anyone can register to speak at the Public Hearing by telephoning 604-829-4238 or by making online request at the web site. Written comments sent by email to will be distributed to all members of Council. If Council passes the bylaw on December 12, the City will approve the development application. This will be the last chance for residents to makes their voices heard on this project.


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9 December 2017 at 11:11 am

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