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Comment on Development Application DP-2016-00066
under RM-7 Zoning


30 May 2016

We have several concerns with this application.


The proposed number and size of bins for garbage, recyclables and compostables is grossly insufficient for a development of ten units intended to house families. The suggested size of garbage and green bin containers on the CoV website is:

       Household size            Suggested garbage bin volume
       Up to 2 people              75 L
       2 to 3 people              120 L
       3 to 4 people              180 L
       4 to 6 people              240 L
       6 or more people           360 L

The inadequate garbage and green bins proposed in this application seem certain to overflow, creating a smelly and unsightly mess. The lids may not shut tightly, making it possible for birds and other animals to gain access to the bins. This is a critical problem that must be dealt with.

Insufficient provision for garbage bins was also a problem for development proposal DE419937 at 2679 Horley Street, designed by the same architect.

Building Design

1.  We support the use of several windows and a doorway to create interest on the north side of the building facing E. 34th Avenue. A window should be added west of the doorway, where there is now an expanse of blank wall.

2.  It looks as if the large decks on the top floor at the back of the building are off the bedrooms of the upper units. They would be more functional if they were off the living area (kitchen, dining area, or living room).


1.  There is only one tree indicated on the site in the landscape plan. This is not enough on a site of this size.

2.  We support the use of plantings rather than lawn on most of the site. However, there should be more plantings, especially in the rear yard. The area around the padmount transformer should be covered with ground cover plants rather than river rock.

3.  If not already specified, an automatic sprinkler system should be required. In stacked townhouse developments in the RM-7 zone, open space is minimal and most of it is shared. The planted areas are small, scattered and often narrow, making it difficult and time-consuming to water them by hand. No individual owner will feel responsible for watering the plantings.

We ask the City of Vancouver to address these concerns before approving the application.

Jeanette and Joseph Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

30 May 2016 at 11:00 am

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