2679 Horley Street

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Comment on Development Application DE419937 under RM-7 Zoning



15 February 2016

We have concerns with this application. Units 3 and 6 are long, narrow units, approximately 45 ft x 13 ft on the eastern side of the building adjacent to the neighbouring property. They have the following problems:

1 —  The layout of these units is unattractive and inefficient. The front entries open into a passageway that passes the laundry area and the bathroom. The living areas in these units are in the centre of the building. Much of this space will need to function as a hallway to access the back half of the units.

2 —  Living area windows of Unit 3 will look out on the 5 ft. fence that separates this site from the neighbouring property. The corresponding windows of Unit 6 will look out on the blank wall or into the windows of the house next door. There will be inadequate light and ventilation, and no view.

3 —  There appear to be no windows in Unit 3 that look out on the street. Please address these concerns before approving the application.

We appreciate being able to view the floor plan — at least for the main floor of the building.

Jeanette Jones and Joseph Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

15 February 2016 at 12:00 pm

Posted in RM-7 Comment

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