Bypass into 2016

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A bypass of ground water processing at 2220 Kingsway was reported by Eye on Norquay on 8 November 2015. As of 2 January 2016, the City of Vancouver allows such bypassing to continue.

As 2015 turns the corner into forgettable past, the following photo essay documents how Westbank’s contractor at 2220 Kingway continues to scoff at City of Vancouver requirements, and to bypass its own equipment for ground water processing. Freezing conditions help to show what is happening.

In addition, Westbank’s contractor leaves a leaky hose to spew water for days. Cheaper than replacing the damaged hose. Apparent motto: Damn the environment. Waste water. Prioritize profits.

     End Point: Kingsway at Gladstone Storm Sewer Looking Upstream

     Starting Point: Sump Hose Comes out of Excavation at Left of Hydro Pole

     Sump Hose from Excavation to Curbside

     Tangle of Blue Hose Leaks Water through Red Tape Patch

     Downstream from Sump Hose at Curbside

     Curbside toward Kingsway Storm Drain

All photos taken 2 January 2016.


Written by eyeonnorquay

2 January 2016 at 5:30 pm

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