Toddlers and Infants

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The mapping below of 2010/2011 data on toddler-and-infant (ages 4 and under) distribution in Vancouver raises a big question for Norquay (outlined in purple).


Why did City of Vancouver planners repeatedly put this mantra question to Norquay residents:

        Don’t you want YOUR neighborhood to be affordable for young families?

Our never-answered question back was:

        Why us? Aren’t there other areas with less demographic and social mix
        and density that need this mass rezoning way more than we do?

This map makes it clear that Norquay already occupied the heart of family-friendly Vancouver territory.

Deliberate acceleration of the rate of redevelopment in one of Vancouver’s most affordable areas was a tactic (1) to make money for developers (2) to hasten elimination of the existing older affordable housing that makes it possible for young families to remain in Vancouver.

File this posting under: What Planners Like to Tell You

Note: Mapping of 2010/2011 Statistics Canada by Jens von Bergmann on 18 September 2015.
Original version at


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14 December 2015 at 4:17 pm

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