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On 15 December 2015 this policy report goes to Vancouver City Council:

Amendments to the Zoning and Development By-law Regarding the RM-9A/9AN Districts
for Norquay’s Apartment Transition Area


with recommendation that the matter be referred to Public Hearing. In essence, the Norquay Plan would move from a May 2013 “rezoning policy” to a defined rezoning district.


Eye on Norquay has already covered the preceding open house and the proposed new zoning in considerable detail. The just-issued policy report says:

The intent of the RM-9A/9AN District is to provide a physical transition between the taller buildings and densities envisioned for Kingsway, and the lower ground-oriented buildings behind. In addition, the apartment form can provide a liveable, cost effective, higher-density housing form appropriate for families and seniors.  (p. 4-5)

Eye on Norquay agrees with the report’s statement that

        The proposed provisions for these districts [RM-9A/9N] are generally consistent
        with the intent of the Apartment Transition Area Rezoning Policy.  (p. 2)

The Reasons

In point form, here are specific reasons that Eye on Norquay supports this new zoning schedule:

Diversity —  The zoning will increase the diversity of housing type throughout Norquay.

Accessibility —  The elevators provided by the apartment form will assure appropriate residential-area accommodation for seniors, families with small children, and the physically disabled. The Norquay Working Group emphasized the need to provide housing for seniors.

Respect for the Norquay Plan —  In this instance the Norquay Plan has not been encroached on by form creep. At an earlier stage, the conflation of zones for rowhouse and stacked townhouse effectively reduced diversity by failing to mandate an area specifically for rowhouse.

Transition —  The height and density of the apartment form will provide the most appropriate form between Kingsway and the surrounding lower-density neighborhoods.

Parking —  The report specifies minimum 1 space and no more than 2 spaces for each principal dwelling unit. Less would not be acceptable.


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12 December 2015 at 9:07 pm

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