More Storm Drain Abuse

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… at Westbank’s 2220 Kingsway Site

The series of four photos below documents how sump pumping of construction site wastewater is bypassing the extensive filtration and remediation system that was installed prior to construction activity.

Environmental degradations include:

Contaminants draining from 2.3 acre construction site dump directly into Vancouver storm water system

Deficient removal of sediments that could necessitate downstream removal at taxpayer expense

Erosion of landscaped City of Vancouver corner bulge at Kingsway and Gladstone

     Sump pump at lowest point of excavation with attached drainage hose
     leading upward to ground-level edge of excavation

     Sump hose emerges from excavation and leads to curbside

     Downstream view from sump hose at curbside toward storm drain

     Upstream view from eroded landscape of corner bulge toward drainage hose at curbside

Remediation equipment and previous storm drain abuse at the 2220 Kingsway site are described in these earlier postings:

Toxic Soil Remediation Factory

Sludge Straight into Sewer

From Sludge to Sneer?

All photos taken on afternoon of Sunday 8 November 2015.


Written by eyeonnorquay

8 November 2015 at 8:32 pm

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