September 23rd Open House

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The City of Vancouver intends to establish a specific new zoning schedule for the Norquay Apartment Transition Zone. This area includes

         Properties that back onto the lanes serving Kingsway businesses
         Most of the properties fronting on Norquay Park
         Some of the properties along Earles Street

New regulations for an RM-9A zone would replace the Norquay Village Apartment Transition Area Rezoning Policy that was adopted by Council in May 2013. Details will be made available at an Open House scheduled for 23 September 2015.


Perhaps the biggest change is that planners now propose to allow stacked townhouses as well as four-storey apartment buildings to be built in this zone. Stacked townhouses will be cheaper to build, since they do not require an elevator. They may require less property assembly. The provisions for parking are still unclear. A detailed comparison of the two housing types is appended below.

The apartment buildings originally proposed for this zone have several attractive features:

         Multiple exposures to maximize natural light and ventilation
         Courtyard usually provided at the front or rear of the building
         Elevators (especially needed by seniors)
         Units attractive for seniors who want to remain on a residential street in their familiar neighbourhood

Come out to the Open House to learn details of what the City of Vancouver is now proposing and to give your feedback. The Open House is scheduled for

        23 September 2015  —  5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
        Norquay Elementary School  —  4710 Slocan Street

If you are unable to attend, you can check the City’s web site under the “Progress” tab at

a few days after September 23 for the information that was presented. An on-line comment form should be available.

It is possible to submit a second on-line comment even if you have already filled out the comment form at the Open House. Our analysis will be posted at Eye on Norquay as soon as possible after the event.

Note added 19 September 2015:  All material from the table below can be found in expanded form at
P.S. on RM-9A. This revision facilitates comparison with Marpole RM-9 and will provide the expandability needed for point-by-point assessment of the forthcoming Norquay RM-9A.


                                           Comparison of Current Guidelines

Specification Compared

Apartment Transition Area Stacked Townhouse RM-7

Type of Parking

Underground Uncovered surface spaces
Number of Parking Spaces Required

Unspecified 2 for every 3 units
Community Amenity Contribution (CAC)   

$15.00 per sq ft None
Elevator Required

Yes No
Maximum Height

45 ft 37.5 ft
Maximum Floor Space Ratio (FSR)

1.5 (2 lots) to 2.0 (3 lots) 1.2
Maximum Unit Density

240 per hectare 132 per hectare
Minimum Frontage

50 ft (2 lots) to 90 ft (3 lots)   
[proposals so far have
assembled 3 or 4 lots]
42 ft (4+ units)
[12/14 proposals so far
have been for 1 or 2 lots]



What guidelines will the City of Vancouver propose for stacked townhouses in the new RM-9A zone?

Norquay does not deserve to end up with the WORSE characteristics of both housing types.

Come out to the September 23rd Norquay Open House

Protect the Norquay Apartment Transition Zone from Developer Greed


Written by eyeonnorquay

16 September 2015 at 5:18 pm

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