One Sign Fits All?  NO

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At 2299 East 37th Avenue a property with an already approved development application appears to have been flipped. The first development application was dated 17 July 2014. A second and different development application dated 1 September 2015 seeks substantial changes.

But the new application is trying to use the old sign with revision made only to the development application number.

Following are two pictures taken on 9 September 2015.



Eye on Norquay has sent the following comment to the project manager:

date:      Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 3:31 PM
subject:   signage on DE419297

As I recently walked by this development site at 2299 East 37th
Avenue, I noticed that the old development sign is still up on the
property. The only change is that the new DE number has replaced the
old number.

This is not enough. There are at least four instances where the
information on the sign is now wrong:

1. The developer is now Conwest Residential Limited, and no longer
   Suvic Homes.

2. The proposed configuration of the smaller duplex no longer
   corresponds to the diagram on the sign.

3. The parking is now to be in an enclosed garage, and not "parking
   spaces at grade."

4. The proposed height of the buildings is now 35.1 ft. and 25.0
   ft., and not 33.37 ft. and 25.25 ft.

It is important that the information on the site sign be complete,
accurate, and current. There are interested residents of the area
who do not live close enough to the site to have received the
notification letter. They will only learn about new development
proposals from the sign posted on the site. Merely changing the
DE number probably will not even alert them to the fact that a new
development application has been submitted. Those residents who did
receive the notification letter will be confused because the
information in the letter does not match the information on the

Please ask the developer to post a completely new sign. The decision
date for the application should be adjusted accordingly.


Jeanette Jones


This news item will be updated here when response is received.


Written by eyeonnorquay

9 September 2015 at 8:31 pm

Posted in News

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