Going Through the Motions

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For response of 27 March 2015, see Brian Jackson Replies.

26 March 2015

Open Letter to Brian Jackson
General Manager, Planning and Development Services, City of Vancouver

cc: Penny Ballem, City Manager, City of Vancouver
cc: Gregor Robertson, Mayor, City of Vancouver
cc: Andrea Reimer, Deputy Mayor and Appointee to Vancouver City Planning Commission
cc: Heather Deal, Chair, Standing Committee on Planning, Transportation, and Environment

This Open Letter is being posted to Eye on Norquay on the day following email to addressees.

One of the four stated priority issues of the City of Vancouver’s Engaged City Task Force is

        Improving the way the City consults with citizens on policy

Consider the following case in light of that “priority.” First, see immediately below exhibit of

Notice of Rezoning Application and Community Open House for 2312-2328 Galt Street

postmarked 19 March 2015 and received 24 March 2015:



Two aspects of this notification demonstrate that the City of Vancouver notion of “engagement” amounts to little more than going through the motions, plodding through a process needed to shove through yet one more Vancouver rezoning application. The subtext: input from residents of Vancouver is NOT WANTED, and we perform this “public consultation” only because we have to.

One —  Mailed-to area residents have been given an effective nine days (seven working days) of notice that the open house will be held.

Two —  The open house is scheduled for Thursday 2 April 2015 from 5 pm to 8 pm. This is the evening that precedes a four-day long weekend, one of the two most concentrated periods of official time-off for everyone in our annual calendar.

Because of lack of adequate notice coupled with the extremely poor timing, I will not be able to go to this open house in our immediate local area. I would have attended with great interest, since this proposed development will establish crucial precedent for Transition Zone policy under the Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre mass rezonings of 2010-2013.

In no way do I hold city planners responsible for this state of affairs. It is apparent that they face extreme pressures from the persons who direct them, which is why this comment is directed to you.

On a previous occasion, all of Norquay was subjected to an even greater lack of consideration. What proved to be our last-ever meeting of Norquay Working Group took place on 3 February 2011 — Chinese New Year. The disrespect that City of Vancouver showed to the 48% Chinese population of Norquay at that time was beyond belief. This open house for 2312-2328 Galt Street continues in that same sad tradition.

Will this abuse by City of Vancouver of its residents ever let up?

As persons responsible for City of Vancouver planning, you need to establish overall policy governing timelines for adequate notification and parameters for acceptable event dates.


Joseph Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

27 March 2015 at 9:38 am

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