Westbank Contractor Fail?

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On Friday afternoon 20 March 2015, a sizeable subarea of East Vancouver experienced a 3.5 hour power shutdown between 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm. It took a BC Hydro repair crew about three hours to arrive on scene. Power was lost because a light wind either broke or detached a long protective flag line, leaving two loose ends to snare across high-tension power wires. This failure seems to have resulted either from use of defective/substandard materials or incompetent installation.

If the 2220 Kingsway area has experienced this degree of impact at a very early stage of Westbank’s massive construction project for Kensington Gardens, how much more can local residents expect to suffer in the future?

The story follows in chronological sequence.

On Friday February 13 contaminated sludge went straight into an unprotected sewer grate at 2220 Kingsway. Eye on Norquay reported this event on February 16.

In the two days following the report, electrical contractors appeared to install the multiple transformers needed to power the remediation equipment that had been bypassed in the sludge dump. Below see electricians at work on the afternoon of 17 February 2015. The sign on the truck door says Rokstad.


The protective flag line stretched across Kingsway at that time held up for slightly over one month.
Below see the south end of the tangled flag line prior to crew arrival:


Once the BC Hydro crew arrived on scene, they dealt quickly and efficiently with the problem. But it took about three hours for them to show up. At 4:00 pm the BC Hydro power outage telephone service was estimating a restoration of service by 6:00 pm. By 7:00 pm the timeframe estimate had shifted to 9:00 pm. Here are three photos of the BC Hydro crew in action:





Written by eyeonnorquay

21 March 2015 at 3:48 pm

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