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Fast replacement of 17 vandalized trees for Vancouver west side
Longstanding neglect of missing, damaged, and sick trees that symbolize Norquay

Back in November 2010, when the City of Vancouver rammed its Norquay Plan down the throat of area residents, planners tried to daub a coat of sugar over the bitter pill. One of their ideas — not ours — was that the ginkgo tree could become a Norquay signature. They called for concrete memorials like this one to remind us how they vanquished and rebranded us:


and like this one:


Developers like concrete. That’s about all they want to pour into the neighborhoods that they extract big profits from.

There were also supposed to be some trees. Here’s a pretty page from the Norquay Plan as it went to Council for approval:


Let’s extract and highlight the sentence that finishes off that page:

        Planning will be undertaking further design exercises to achieve a high level
        of placemaking design for the Norquay Village public realm.

Undertaking …  Well, when it comes to tree funerals, those planners sure knew what they were talking about. What follows is a photo documentation of Norquay public realm as currently implemented along the Kingsway frontage of the 2300 Kingsway tower and its eastern podium.

(That project blockbusted Norquay just ahead of a “neighbourhood centre” planning process. Hit ’em hard first and maybe they’ll just give up? Naw. We just keep feeling more and more beat up, and we keep on hollering. Now the bully has gone after other neighborhoods that can hit back better. With counterpunch lawsuits.)

Keep thinking “Norquay logo” while you review the February 2015 images of these six fancy ginko trees that the City of Vancouver implemented  in front of 2300 Kingsway. The sequence is west to east.

     Tree 1 of 6 — Big Hit, Little Tree

     Tree 2 of 6 — All-Natural Fibers Inside

     Tree 3 of 6 — Best Spot for Cigarette Butts

     Tree 4 of 6 — Off to a Bad Start

     Tree 5 of 6 — I Came, It Sawed, It Conquered

     Tree 6 of 6 : View 1 — Not a Lightning Strike

     Tree 6 of 6 : View 2 — Big Skin Problem & Broken Arm

Postscript:  A Norquay resident who occasionally communicates with Eye on Norquay shared a top-level City of Vancouver September 2014 response to complaint on this issue. Four months later, no action. Six trees should be easier than seventeen?


Written by eyeonnorquay

5 February 2015 at 12:21 am

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