Jackboots and Jackhammers

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The following open letter is being sent to Mayor Gregor Robertson and to all City Councillors. Eye on Norquay rarely gives space to an issue that does not have apparent and immediate connection to Norquay. In this particular case, while the connection may not be apparent, it does seem immediate — not only for New Yaletown but for all of Vancouver, including Norquay. For details on the recent B.C. Supreme Court judgment against the City of Vancouver, see

Supreme Court: Vancouver Development Process Unfair, Illegal

and for the issue addressed in the following open letter see

CANY Letter re: Amendments to the Official Development Plan

2 February 2015

To Mayor Gregor Robertson and All City Councillors:

I write to you regarding item 3 listed as Council agenda for 4 February 2015:

Proposed Amendments to the Downtown Official Development Plan

I am especially concerned to see the item followed by this preclusionary language:

        Members of the public will have an opportunity to speak to this application
        when it has been referred to public hearing.

To try to send a hasty done-deal proposal off to public hearing without being willing to hear from the public seems …  I find myself at a loss for words. I gather that “procedure” is the shield for this assault.

To the extent that this document seeks to address fallout from the 27 January 2015 slapdown of the City of Vancouver by the B.C. Supreme Court, the document has to be illegitimate.

To head back into the public arena only one week following a severe rebuke manifests the extremest possible arrogance. The City of Vancouver cannot possibly do anything well-considered in that short period of time.

The message this action sends to perturbed residents across Vancouver is this:

        Our jackboots are owned by the jackhammers, and we want them
        to stomp you again as fast and as hard as possible.

The real apology message last fall from Gregor Robertson was that he felt sorry that he thought he might run a risk of not getting re-elected. Right?


Joseph Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

2 February 2015 at 4:15 pm

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