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Comment on Development Application DE1418341 under RM-7 Zoning


20 October 2014

This development application is the first for a single lot in the new RM-7 zone in Norquay. It proposes three units on a 44 x 89 ft. corner lot, two units facing Clarendon Street and one unit facing East 37th Avenue.

We are happy to see that there is almost 18 ft. of open space in the back yard. Most single family houses on the very short lots in this block have smaller back yards.

We have several concerns:

1.  The units appear to be too small. They all appear to be approximately 1050 sq. ft., falling well short of the 1200 sq. ft. specified in the zoning regulations for a “typical” unit in RM-7.

2.  Development in RM-7 is to respect the character of the neighbourhood. Viewed from the front (Clarendon Street), this development has the appearance of a duplex. All duplexes in Norquay are required to have pitched roofs. Flat roofs should not be built on RM-7 developments on a single lot.

3.  The site plan indicates that three “existing trees” along East 37th Avenue are to be protected and retained. It is a stretch to call the existing plantings “trees.” They appear to be damaged overgrown evergreen shrubs with the bottom branches pruned off. These bushes should be removed, and healthy deciduous boulevard trees should be planted instead.

4.  There is no existing sidewalk along this part of East 37th Avenue. A sidewalk should be required as part of this development.

Jeanette Jones and Joseph Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

20 October 2014 at 12:00 pm

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