2312-2328 Galt Pre-App

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Under the Rental 100 program of the City of Vancouver, a developer seeks to replace three “transition zone” single-family houses with 28 units in four-storey apartment. The Rental 100 program provides significant concessions to developers (DCL waiver, parking reduction, decrease in unit size, additional density, expedited processing). These bonuses get piled on top of a massive density increase brought in by the 2010-2013 Norquay Plan. The only result that the local community expects to see is more people jammed into the same streets and public spaces. Norquay continues to experience no significant delivery on amenity promises.

Because of residence within the notification boundary for this proposed development, Eye on Norquay received notification of a “pre-application open house” for this site and attended the event on the evening of 10 September 2014.

     2312-2328 Galt Street on 15 April 2014

(These three small bungalows, each on a 33 x 122 lot, were listed as an assembly by Re/Max
on 14 April 2014 at $999,000 per lot. Actual selling price is not known.)

Here is the pre-application notification received by area residents:


See Appendix below for the five display panels from the 10 September 2014 pre-application open house.

These two parameters stand out in this proposal:

        FSR increase from 2.0 to 2.2

        Courtyard width reduction from 30 ft to 25 ft

Both of these variations result from piling Rental 100 on top of an already-dense brand-new zoning.

Reference:  Apartment Transition Area Rezoning Policy — Appendix C, section 3 [pdf 42]  (16 May 2013)

The developers at the open house forthrightly admitted that they anticipate charging the highest rates possible under Rental 100 guidelines. (Those guidelines were formulated to cover all of Vancouver.) Under such conditions, why would a prospective landlord dump new density anywhere except East Vancouver, so that maximized margins can be exploited?

2312-2328 Galt Street is the second proposal to emerge in Norquay under Rental 100. The first, at 2768 Kingsway, immediately got red-flagged for preposterous claims to rental affordability.

2312-2328 Galt Street is the third proposal to emerge in Norquay under new Apartment Transition Area Rezoning Policy. The first was 2298 Galt Street, now under construction. The second is 4859-4879 Slocan Street, for which a pre-application open house was held in late spring 2014.

Appendix  —  Five Panels







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11 September 2014 at 9:34 am

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