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How do grit and glitz coexist?

In western Norquay, Westbank Projects Corp anticipates erecting three glass castles inside of a fortress wall by 2016.

Kensington Gardens, a pseudo-Brit-named development headed for 2220 Kingsway is going to have to do its best to ignore the weeds beyond the perimeter. Because we doubt that their gardener will deign to care for the other side of Kingsway. We know the City of Vancouver won’t. Wrong part of town. Yes, here …

     Western Norquay on 11 August 2014

A month ago, Westbank Projects Corp and City of Vancouver coordinated a lightspeed tidy-up job on the site after a pair of tweets called attention to graffiti and used hypodermic needles. Here’s the first tweet —

        Westbank’s ironic public art at 2220 Kingsway. Used needle invisible in foreground
        #vancouver #eastvan #vanre #vanpoli

— and the photo that went with it:

     Westbank Marketing Monolith on morning of 8 July 2014

CityHallWatch independently followed up in the afternoon with report of a pile of used needles elsewhere on the site. For a while the pair of graphics below ruled the roost at Twitter’s #vanpoli hashtag:


On the morning of 9 July 2014, Sadhu Johnston, Deputy City Manager, tweeted

        City staff filled a pick-up with the garbage found on the public land there

The fact remains that the City of Vancouver has clearly stated that it has no intention of maintaining the Norquay public realm. Not even the weedy new corner bulges that it installed at Kingsway and Gladstone as a token “reward” for inflicting mass rezoning on hundreds of acres.


In later exchange I offered to help City of Vancouver allocate its $1.2 billion budget. So far they have not taken me up on that offer.


Written by eyeonnorquay

11 August 2014 at 11:26 am

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