2299 East 37th Avenue

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Comment on Development Application DE418020 under RT-11 Zoning


6 August 2014

There are several things I like about this application.

1.  The documentation provided on the web site is very complete.

2.  Although the frontage is less than is required by the zoning, full advantage has been taken of the corner location of the site. The two buildings are oriented toward different streets and have different designs.

3.  There has been a substantial effort to make the design on this site fit the neighbourhood context.

My concerns are:

1.  A real effort needs to be made to ensure the survival of the large oak trees on the boulevard. If they do not survive for at least five years after development is completed, the developer should replace them with trees of a reasonable size.

2.  There needs to be more detailing on the sides of Building A, especially on the side that is flanked by E. 37th Avenue. The current plan has a uniform finish (except for the chimney) on the sides, and very few windows.

3.  In general, the windows on the back and sides of the buildings appear too few and too small. The basement of Building A appears to have windows only at the back of the building, where they are set back and covered by building overhang which diminishes access to daylight.

4.  I question whether a single 360L bin will be sufficient to hold the garbage from four family-sized units for two weeks. Fights over who is taking up disproportionate space in the garbage bin may well vitiate any social benefit to be derived from living close to one’s neighbours!

Jeanette Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

6 August 2014 at 12:00 pm

Posted in RT-11 Comment

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