4571 Slocan

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Update (less than one hour elapsed after communication of problems to City of Vancouver). (1) Applicant advised to revise. (2) Web site to be updated. (3) New site sign to come. (4) New postcards to be mailed out. Unprecedented. Congratulations to CoV.

The City of Vancouver has just posted a new development application for 4571 Slocan Street. This is the second proposal under Norquay’s new RM-7 zoning.

Maybe it’s that hard to get new things right the first time? Now it’s the second time …

Eye on Norquay is pretty happy with the outcome on the first RM-7 application for 4730 Duchess Street. But only after putting in a ton of work on that file (reviewing the original submission, making a trip to City Hall, communicating with planners and local area residents and City Hall watchers across the City of Vancouver, waiting for the outcome).

It’s too bad that one glaring problem with 4571 Slocan has to pop up immediately.

The notifications are botched — both the street signage and the notification letter.

     Exhibit A  —  Street Signage

     Exhibit B  —  Notification Letter

Start with the street sign. The one red rectangle is where the eye fixes itself. Message: This is a development application for ONE parcel. Message reinforced: The single address is 4571 Slocan Street.

Next go to the notification letter. The bolded header indicates a SINGLE address. Message: One parcel is affected by the development application. Further message: No mention anywhere of either 4565 Slocan Street or 4585 Slocan Street.

Is this deliberate misdirection or gross incompetence? Either one is unacceptable.

To correct this situation, the City of Vancouver must:

          Direct the developer to post signage that is not misleading
          Reissue the notification letter with missing addresses listed in header
          Extend the period for comment by the time it takes to rectify these inaccuracies

Any further comment on the development application for 4565 / 4571 / 4585 Slocan Street will require a visit to City Hall, since so little can be seen from the materials that get posted online.


Written by eyeonnorquay

8 July 2014 at 2:39 pm

Posted in CoV Documents, News

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  1. I am a resident here and I am appalled, we have set up a beautiful community in this area and it will be destroyed so people can live in boxes.


    7 September 2014 at 8:37 pm

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