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The following letter is being emailed to a newly revised and consolidated list of Norquay contacts, to ask for help with efforts to monitor new developments and to communicate timely information among affected residents.


Dear Norquay Friends –

New developments keep coming forward in Norquay, especially on and near Kingsway.

A developer who seeks to rezone a site begins by making an enquiry to the City of Vancouver. A lot of exchange takes place between planners and the developer at this pre-application stage — ahead of a formal application. If a developer makes substantial changes to a proposed project, changes are most likely to occur at this stage.

As part of the pre-application process, the developer sometimes hosts a local-area community open house to get community feedback. Only people who live within a small radius (usually just two or three blocks) of a proposed site get notified about the open house. Other Norquay residents learn of the development proposal only when the developer makes a formal development application and posts a sign on the site.

If you receive notice of a community open house for a rezoning application, please let us know. Then we can pass this information along to the rest of our Norquay mailing list. The earlier in the process we have the opportunity to tell the developer what we think, the more likely it is that our comment will receive due consideration.

Please forward a copy of any information you may receive about any local pre-application Open Houses through the Eye on Norquay Contact Form.

To see Norquay monitoring that we have undertaken beginning in 2014, you can read recent postings at Eye on Norquay. Specifics can also be found through links in the right sidebar (Development Applications, Specific Rezonings, Documents, etc).

Exercise of genuine concern to see the best new developments possible, with input from persons well-acquainted with local conditions, will ensure that all of us enjoy improvements to liveability in our neighborhood.


Jeanette and Joseph Jones


Written by eyeonnorquay

7 April 2014 at 10:02 pm

Posted in Open Letters

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