5500 Dundee Street

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On 21 February 2014 Fuho Design Ltd. submitted a conditional development application for 5500 Dundee Street (changed from 5522 Dundee).


The application seeks approval

        to construct a two-storey plus basement, two-family dwelling and two, two-storey,
        one-family dwellings, providing four parking spaces at the rear.

City of Vancouver will receive comments on, or before March 10, 2014 “to be considered as part of the application’s review.”

The site plan for the proposal shows cookie-cutter design being dropped into a location with very unusual configuration. See the site plan for yourself:


It seems clear that this crude approach to layout of development on the site fails to conform to a key specification of the RT-11 zoning approved at public hearing.

The same applicant, Fuho Design Ltd., is responsible for at least three other concurrent applications in Norquay: 2748 E. 40th Ave, 2351 E. 41st Ave, 4517 Nanaimo St. Examination of all four of these plans makes it possible to discover the cookie cutter factor.

Jeanette Jones has prepared and submitted a carefully considered comment on the development application for 5500 Dundee Street.

This application (taken together with a previous application for 5494 Dundee) raises a further question about Norquay public realm. These two properties lie adjacent to City of Vancouver land that is designated as “unopened lane.” It would be appropriate at this point for City of Vancouver to commit to pedestrian-oriented enhancement of these two connectors.

Such a token of good faith in implementation of the Norquay Plan would be welcomed by residents who have seen much development take place, attended by very little of the promised paybacks.


Written by eyeonnorquay

26 February 2014 at 4:42 pm

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