Lacuna # 2

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The development application signboard that has been erected at 2899 East 41st Avenue provides a second instance of City of Vancouver failure to post relevant documentation to its web site in a timely and coordinated fashion. The first failure is discussed at the preceding posting about 4730 Duchess Street.

Here is all that can be seen of the development application so far, a sign posted on the property:


Here is what shows on the City of Vancouver development application website as of 2 February 2014 — nothing.


According to VanMap, the irregular dimensions of the property are 63.33/69.17 x 130.16/? ft. The development application signboard details

        •  six new one-family dwellings and one new two-family dwelling, and four lock-off suites
        •  a total Floor Space Ratio (FSR) of 0.85 (approximately 11,113 sq ft)
        •  an approximate maximum height of 35 ft
        •  a total of 8 parking spaces having vehicular access from the lane

The applicant, Henry and Glegg Residential Design, deserves compliment for timely posting of the signboard. The City of Vancouver deserves criticism for

        •  failing to timely post the development application information
        •  lack of standards in coordinating on-site and on-web-site posting of information

Finally, here’s the dwelling that the application proposes to send to the landfill:




Written by eyeonnorquay

2 February 2014 at 10:27 pm

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