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On 7 October 2013 septagenarian Norquay resident Wilma Yerex was struck by an automobile in a marked pedestrian crosswalk on Earles Street at Euclid. She died the next day.

An 18 October 2013 story in the Vancouver Courier [1] includes comment from fellow senior Miriam Mattila, who says yet another senior was killed in the same spot eight years ago.

This occurrence typifies the nastiness of the all take no give mass rezoning that slunk into the heart of East Vancouver disguised the as Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan.

Mattila and another neighbour were part of the Norquay Village Neighbourhood planning process back in 2010, she said, and they brought up the issue of the intersection. She said there was discussion at the time about a pedestrian crossing light being put in but it never materialized.

Very little has materialized for Norquay except land grabbing and density dumping. And the immediate sequestration of a $3 million CAC from the 2013 rezoning of 2220 Kingsway.

Repeated calls for a safe crosswalk across Nanaimo Street at East 27th Avenue have been likewise ignored — even while hundreds of new residents pour into densified development along Kingsway between Gladstone and Nanaimo.

The Norquay Plan purported to want a more walkable neighborhood, but no consideration is being given to the natural pedestrian route that these additional new bodies will take to reach the Nanaimo SkyTrain station.

Does the City of Vancouver have to see a minimum body count before it will take any action? At least two schoolgirls were struck on Nanaimo at Brock before a real crosswalk with a real stoplight was installed a few years ago.

[1]  Jennifer Thuncher. Senior wants safer Euclid/Earles intersection. Vancouver Courier 104:84
      (18 Oct 2013) A8


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19 October 2013 at 3:45 pm

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