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King Edward Village Photo Gallery

This selection of thirteen photographs is intended to illustrate points made in a companion account of Kingsway & Knight, Vancouver’s first “neighbourhood centre” planning. The views deliberately focus on the Kingsway “front door” and the interior courtyard “living room,” with no attention given to the King Edward Avenue and Knight Street backsides.

     Entire Kingsway Frontage of King Edward Village

     East Side Kingsway Curb Cut with Parking Tunnel

     East of Center TD Canada Trust Kingsway Streetwall

     TD Canada Trust Kingsway Street Door — Not Used

     Service Canada Devitalizes Prime Corner West of Kingsway Archway

     West of Center Service Canada Kingsway Streetwall

     Service Canada Kingsway Street Door

     Interior Courtyard — Mainly for Vehicles

     Longer View of Interior Courtyard with Dumpster and Delivery Truck

     Interior Courtyard with Another Parking Tunnel

     Interior Courtyard Dwarfed by Roadways

     Interior Courtyard with Unfinished Space Still Seeking First Tenant — First View

     Interior Courtyard with Unfinished Space Still Seeking First Tenant — Second View


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22 August 2013 at 9:15 pm

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  1. King Edward Village : i lived in this dump for 4 years — it had brothels, gangsters, mentally deranged residents and too many renters. the police were there daily to deal with the great unwashed. the buildings are poorly managed by Colyvan Pacific — who seem to have a too-close relationship with the Aquilinis. very few repairs were done. it was dirty. there were huge cracks in the underground parking. when it rained heavily, water poured in. no amount of complaining seem to matter. all requests to the Aquilinis to come fix the horrid mess were unheeded. no one was surprised when the library flooded. this whole complex is poorly built with substandard building material. it will be covered in blue tarps one day soon near the 10 year mark — so 2018. the city of vancouver gave the developer the go-ahead and then walked away. proper building inspections were not carried out. and now the COV is suing the innocent people who bought into this atrocity.


    27 December 2014 at 12:41 pm

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