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How the City of Vancouver Cheaps Out on Norquay (Lesson #2)

Public Realm and Transportation Improvements Plan was the title of the 18-page Appendix B to the Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan approved by Vancouver City Council on 4 November 2010. [Reference: ] That’s well over two years ago. Page 12 (pdf 76) offers the following generalized graphic for new corner bulges:


Now that new corner bulges have been installed, the promise of the plan can be compared with the reality on the ground. Photos of three corner bulges demonstrate City of Vancouver implementation. Look for the brick pavers. Look for the granite edge. Look for the bike racks. Look for the benches. Look for the landscaping.

Tell us we’re lucky that sod was placed over some of the dirt — maybe half of the surface area pictured?

Here’s Kingsway at Clarendon, north side:


Here’s Kingsway at Gladstone, south side:


Here’s Kingsway at Gladstone, north side:


On 9 April 2013 there is a public hearing on a proposal to locate 404 dwelling units in three 14-storey towers that will guard a walled compound. The 2220 Kingsway site sits right beside the bulge at the southwest corner of Kingsway at Gladstone. While huge benefit will be handed over to Vision Vancouver major funder Westbank, Norquay gets to contemplate a few bulges that couldn’t even match the specifications — and may well be destroyed by the onslaught of impending developments. Experience “planning” in Vancouver.


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20 March 2013 at 9:57 pm

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