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The following notices arrived in the morning mail of 20 March 2013. Public hearings will be held on the same evening of 9 April 2013 for both the Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre mass rezoning and for the rezoning of 2220 Kingsway for three 14-storey towers.


Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan

Rezoning Application  —  2220 Kingsway

Below is a screen shot taken from the City of Vancouver web site for Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan. Notice how once again the race-to-mass-rezone has outstripped communication of the next stop on the railroad. Nothing about the public hearing is posted as of noon on 20 March 2013.

This is typical of a municipal government that is hooked on scattergun rezonings for developer payback — always with bright green plastic wrapping up the gifts. Much more remains to be said and will be said about how the purported amenities and benefits of this frenetic activity never seem to materialize.

It’s always no-money mañana mañana when it comes to delivery on promises promises. In Norquay the City of Vancouver has shown less honor than a mafioso. So far what they do is worse than outright crookedness. Throughout the process they have engineered burnout and disengagement to facilitate their hoodwinking.



Written by eyeonnorquay

20 March 2013 at 3:29 pm

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