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Vancouver City Council agenda for 12 March 2013 lists two major Norquay items back-to-back as policy reports. It can be expected that these two will be referred to public hearing later this spring, likely in April. The co-occurrence of these two reports shows how quickly profiteers stampede into a local community that has been singled out and put into play.

2.  CD-1 Rezoning: 2220 Kingsway

2220 Kingsway is one of the three largest sites along the Norquay mile of Kingsway. Initial analysis indicates

•  That the developer has been allowed free range within the specifications of height and FSR
•  That local resident comment following the September 2012 open house has resulted in no changes
•  That in multiple ways this project disrespects the letter and the spirit of the Norquay Plan
•  That a walled compound looks more like incursion of an alien form than any kind of “revitalization”

3.   Norquay Village Neighbourhood Centre Plan Implementation – New Zoning District Schedules (multiple small houses/duplexes and rowhouses/stacked townhouses

These new zoning district schedules offer up 117 pages of technicalities. Analysis will follow.

What is most apparent is that the amenities and benefits strategy for Norquay symbolically lags. In other words, do the mass rezoning, approve the 2220 Kingsway megaproject, and keep right on with dumping new density into an amenity desert. Get around to those promises later on, maybe. Like the Renfrew Ravine linear park, which is an already long overdue promise. Never deliver, and you can keep on making the same promise over and over! The on-siting and apparent sequestration of the paltry CAC at 2220 Kingsway looks like one more round in the shell game — purported benefits that remain unexperienced by the impacted community.


Written by eyeonnorquay

7 March 2013 at 10:52 am

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