3 Months vs 2 Weeks

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Norquay residents have been watching to see whether and/or when the developer of the 2220 Kingsway Canadian Tire site would post yellow signage about the development permit application submitted to the City of Vancouver on 8 June 2012.

It has taken about three months for the signage to appear on site. Three signs (Kingsway, Gladstone St, East 30th Ave) went up sometime between noon on Friday September 7 and Sunday evening September 9. This is less than two weeks before the developer holds an open house in the local community.



The timing of this signage posting raises questions such as the following:

         Has the developer deliberately foot-dragged to minimize local community awareness
         of the massive impending change that this development seems likely to bring?

         Does the City of Vancouver allow the developer to do whatever suits the developer’s fancy,
         whenever the developer happens to feel like it?

         Would it not be appropriate for the newly posted yet tardy signage to advertise the already
         scheduled open house?

Previous concern about this lack of respect for timely information distribution was recorded in Soon?


Written by eyeonnorquay

10 September 2012 at 10:29 pm

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