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The open house for the STIR project at 4320 Slocan Street was held on 27 June 2012. Light attendance was understandable, given the pro forma nature of all such events. Even so, at least five Norquay stalwarts showed up to scrutinize plans and to put questions to the planners and proponents.

Discrepancy between the calculable site area of about 12,000 sq ft and the stated/assumed site area of about 15,000 sq ft (said to have been supplied by the surveyor) still awaits explanation. A planner said that “plan checking” — apparently not performed prior to the open house — would not miss this problem, if it in fact exists. Further response is anticipated and will be added here as an update to this report.

[Update (9 July 2012) — A City of Vancouver planner has elucidated the discrepancy. The Site Plan drawing had incorrect labeling for the dimension along the rear lane. What was specified as 115.16 feet should have read 159.16 feet.]

The same city planner agreed that the large curb cut crossing the Slocan Street sidewalk is not desirable, but the topography of the site renders impractical any other approach to onsite parking. Only time will tell if allowing this kind of traffic pattern near both elementary school and major park space will result in accidents, injuries, and perhaps fatalities, given the street curve, the SkyTrain bridge, nearby intersections, and the adjacent bicycle route.

The representatives for the project are Allan Diamond Architect and Yenik Realty. The present owner of the property is said to have held it for sixty years, and to plan to continue for the long term as investor owner. The quality and design of the proposal appear to represent a stakeholder ethos common to all three parties. Reassuring factors consequently include the involvement of smaller scale developers, and a general absence of the hit-and-run motivations common to crass speculation.

The depredations of STIR inevitably attach to this proposal, but are not a fault that can be attributed to the proposal itself. The clear disproportion of STIR allocation to the Norquay area is rather a matter of defective City of Vancouver policy, and a lack of anything that could possibly be called “planning” when it comes to the distribution of STIR impacts (increasing population, no parking provisions, no concurrent increase in supporting amenities) across Vancouver.

For the record, provided below are links to 22 photographs of display panels, 2 of panel details on project specifications [ 07 and 08 ], and 3 of the scale model [ 25 and 26 and 27 ]:

4320slocan-01-cov.jpg              4320slocan-10-a200.jpg            4320slocan-19-a402.jpg

4320slocan-02-cov.jpg              4320slocan-11-a201.jpg            4320slocan-20-a403.jpg

4320slocan-03-cov.jpg              4320slocan-12-a202.jpg            4320slocan-21-a404.jpg

4320slocan-04-cov.jpg              4320slocan-13-a203.jpg            4320slocan-22-a500.jpg

4320slocan-05-a000.jpg            4320slocan-14-a204.jpg            4320slocan-23-a501.jpg

4320slocan-06-a000.jpg            4320slocan-15-a205.jpg            4320slocan-24-a502.jpg

4320slocan-07-a000.jpg            4320slocan-16-a300.jpg            4320slocan-25-model.jpg

4320slocan-08-a100.jpg            4320slocan-17-a400.jpg            4320slocan-26-model.jpg

4320slocan-09-a101.jpg            4320slocan-18-a401.jpg            4320slocan-27-model.jpg


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28 June 2012 at 1:56 am

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