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Results from the Vancouver 2011 municipal election shed incidental light on the treatment that Norquay and other areas of East Vancouver are receiving from city planners, the politicians who approve their plans, and the developers who control the politicians.

Lorin Gaertner has prepared a map of participation rates for Vancouver polling areas based on City of Vancouver 2011 election data. Five shades of brown distinguish voter participation rates that range from a low of 17%-23% to a high of 37%-42%. For Vancouver taken as a whole, the overall participation rate was 34.6%.

Onto Gaertner’s map Eye on Norquay has imposed rough outlines for Norquay and for the recent Boundary-Ormidale-Vanness (B-O-V) rezoning of three acres at the eastern edge of the city. The map strongly suggests that abusive and massive development gravitates toward politically vulnerable areas.

Most of Norquay shows a participation rate of 23%-28%, well below the average. The northeast corner is slightly higher at 28%-33%. Boundary–Ormidale-Vanness fall in the lowest participation category at 17%-23%.

Note also the very low voter participation rates of other areas of Vancouver that are suffering current development attack:  the Downtown Eastside, the West End, and Marpole.

In all cases a “revitalization” agenda envisions new construction that will eliminate still usable and more affordable existing dwellings (whether rented or owned). Mass rezoning and large-scale spot rezonings accelerate a redevelopment that takes no account of existing zoned capacity. The persons displaced by this dubious economic activity tend to be the poor, the working class, and the immigrant populations of Vancouver.


Written by eyeonnorquay

3 December 2011 at 10:55 pm

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