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[ Comment posted in response to: Carlito Pablo. COPE’s Tim Louis may vote for Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver. Georgia Straight (28 October 2011) ]

No Vision is what we have had for the past three years, led by Gregor “Son of Sam” Robertson. Since there is no Vision, let’s make that a fact on Council from 2011 forward. After all, we do not want the people and our city to perish. (That’s an allusion.) Watch big lies being told in December 2008 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdpOAPgGHmQ

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[ Comment posted in response to: Carlito Pablo. COPE slate may gain Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver endorsement. Georgia Straight (27 October 2011) ]

This is all about an alternative to the developer-funded Vision-NPA axis. Some of those wolves shake with the left paw, some of those wolves shake with the right paw – but all of those wolves dress up in a sheep costume and bleat the word “neighbourhood”!

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[ Comment posted in response to: Charlie Smith. Wall Financial Corporation returns to council for East Vancouver rezoning hearing. Georgia Straight (26 October 2011) ]

Here is one more massive spot rezoning that takes no real account of the CityPlan mandated “neighbourhood centre” (one of 19) that was supposed to be designed for Kingsway/ Joyce and include all of Kingsway from Rupert to Boundary.

Grab that big parcel of land, rezone the heck out of it, dump on towering density, and hope to keep on keeping on.

The Vision/NPA-developer axis aims to wrap up and deliver this package before the Nov 19 election. Too late and too bad for this opaque done deal out in the boonies of Far East Vancouver.

But not too late to vote for a change in what the speculators and profiteers see as Vancouver’s future.

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28 October 2011 at 10:15 pm

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