Gregor Working Hard?

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[ Comment posted in response to:  Matthew Burrows. Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson flags street homelessness reduction as key successGeorgia Straight  (27 July 2011) ]

We’ve worked hard in many neighbourhoods to improve the city’s consultation and planning process. … I think some of the relentless criticism is unfounded and should be fact checked.
    — Gregor Robertson

So check these facts …

“Working hard” in Norquay means  (1) taking almost five years to do a plan  (2) restarting twice with brand new planning teams and little continuity on the City side  (3) retreating ever further from contact with local community residents  (4) imposing last-minute “considerations” that dumped lots of extra height and density into the plan with NO COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT  (5) approving a Plan demonstrably not supported by the community  (6) terminating unilaterally the Norquay Working Group because it refused to be the dummy for ventriloquist planners  (7) letting a developer apply for major rezoning at 2699 Kingsway before the plan was approved  (8) using the pittance “amenity” CAC generated by the development to pay only a fraction of the costs of mitigating the shadow impact of the development itself  (9) fuzzing away Urban Design Panel consensus key criticisms of how the 2699 Kingsway proposal fails to realize the placemaking crucial to Kingsway revitalization. This is the brief version of the abuse suffered by Norquay. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Maybe even your own neighborhood!


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28 July 2011 at 10:11 pm

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