Hot Zone Follows Cold Shoulder

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The neighbourhoods of Norquay in the east and Marpole, at the foot of Granville, are experiencing similar “hot zone” problems. — May 27

It certainly did not take long. The Norquay Plan is only approved in principle and has not yet gone to public hearing, with formal notification sent out to all property owners in the area. But mainstream news already reports our area as simmering with piranha property speculation.

In the Norquay Working Group — unilaterally terminated by Vancouver city planners in February 2011 — local residents persistently warned planners that protections needed to be established for existing retail, because unbridled redevelopment might rapidly price affordable commercial space out of the neighborhood.

Our planners responded with smirks and diversions. They knew their task was to mass rezone for acceleration of redevelopment. The only planning they undertook for the Kingsway shopping area was to ensure that it would be a one-mile strip — not the neighbourhood centre desired by the community.

CityPlan afforded nothing more than a pretext for the incursion that has turned our fancy community vision into scrap paper.

[ Quotation extracted from:  Frances Bula. Richmond property owners to get a tax break. Globe & Mail (28 May 2011) S6 ]


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1 June 2011 at 11:47 am

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