Sult Action Plan (SAP)


The scanned document that you find attached to this email was discovered in a
washroom wastecan during a recent evening of public hearings at Vancouver City
Council, cleverly secreted in a sheaf of brown paper towels.

The most likely explanation is that a disgruntled city planning employee, fearing
to make any attempt to carry these few pages past vigilant building security,
left that task to a bolder soul. But even that unnamed valiant gauntlet runner
still quailed at the prospect of making the document and its revelations public.

I therefore have assumed the burden of releasing this signal CONFIDENTIAL
MEMORANDUM to a select circle of trusted acquaintances. You in turn are encouraged
to share the contents with anyone that you believe you yourself can trust.

While much of the MEMORANDUM can be verified in external independent sources, some
of the data remains uncorroborated. The stated date of 31 May 2011 offers reason to
believe that knowledge of this unprecedented policy initiative among Vancouver's
city planners may be simultaneous with — or even lag — that of
auspiciously networked persons such as yourselves.

The plausibility of the entire attached document suggests that it merits secure
archival preservation in and broad distribution through WikiLeaks.

In all sincerity,


Personal note: After careful consideration, with recourse to humane traditions
rather than to technical expertise, I am left wondering if the writer or writers of
the Memorandum do not have acquaintances among the following worthies: Menippus,
Lucian of Samosata, Martianus Capella, François Rabelais, Robert Burton,
Jonathan Swift, Edgar Allan Poe, and Søren Kierkegaard. Indeed, some of
these persons lived in times more trying than our own.











Written by eyeonnorquay

31 May 2011 at 11:11 am

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